New Jasmine

The Drunken Fig in her natural habitat.

The Drunken Fig, a.k.a Jasmine Nielsen, is a nonprofiteer by day, a graduate student by night, and a food blogger somewhere in between.

1 thought on “About

  1. Hi Jasmine, I got your contact info from Christie … I’m a producer with a new show called “THE FEED” for the new FYI Network under A&E. Hosted by Gail Simmons from Top Chef/Food & Wine Magazine, Marcus Samuelsson from Red Rooster in Harlem/ Food Network, and up-and coming comedian Max Silvestri, our show is a fun, irreverent take on food television that mixes food, culture, and comedy. We are shooting a segment that pokes fun at bizarre food trends on the web and looking for a savvy, fun web female to be interviewed by one of our hosts. It’s mostly improv with a lot comedy, cheekiness and off the cuff fun. Willingness to adlib and poke fun at yourself is a must. If this is something you’d be interested in or you know someone who would, please let me know!

    Giant Pirates Entertainment

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